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Tanu Bhatnagar

A professional with over 20 years’ experience in Management Consulting, Tanu Bhatnagar has consistently managed Process Reengineering, Business Continuity Planning and Information System Auditing in various industries ranging from Retail & Corporate Banking, Insurance, Construction, Automobile Trading, Fleet companies and Leasing amongst others. As a Certified Information Systems Auditor with an MBA in Information Systems, her passion is to deliver cost savings and optimized processes combined with digital solutions. Gaining multi-faceted experience in Ernst & Young and Mashreq Bank for 12+ years, she branched out as a freelance consultant to build her own brand and has consistently delivered tangible operational efficiencies through process digitization using Robotic and AI in the last 5+ years. Her strength is to think differently and deliver digital solutions which one can trust and create value within timelines.

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