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Have you seen yourself in a situation like this?

  • Your sales improvements are not reflecting in the financial health of your operation
  • Your staff is always stressed and putting out fires
  • Key members are not communicating with each other and there are no collaboration spaces
  • You constantly see yourself choosing which clients you are going to attend first
  • The long hours do not reflect an improvement in these conditions
  • Lean Manufacturing
  • Your team loses focus and motivation when you're not around.
  • All is urgent and due yesterday

All are signs of success! But success also has consequences that must be avoided.

Implementation Project Results

​ ​
  • Savings in the operation of a business of around 10% to 30%
  • Significant improvement in the quality of products and services
  • Significant reduction in the costs of the products due to improving the production or service process
  • Greater competitiveness as the company becomes more agile and productive than the competition
  • Qualified and certified personnel to generate constant savings for the company
  • A culture of agile thinking and better decision making

Why should you choose E-Lean?

With experience training over 50,000 working professionals, we’ve developed an extensive library of proven content, engaging exercises and practical materials to most effectively develop your team’s skills.

We apply an implementation strategy that starts by teaching the concepts and tools, and then immediately applying them through practical workshop exercises. This hands-on approach, under the supervision of an E-Lean expert coach/instructor, is the fastest and most effective way to get your team up and running implementing your lean six sigma program, transforming your culture and producing outstanding results.

How does a Lean Six Sigma Project Implementation work?

Stage 1: Prepare the Organization


  • Develop a company Assessment
  • Lean Six Sigma Management Workshop
  • Develop a box score with critical KPI´s
  • Value Stream Mapping Workshop
  • Develop a master implementation plan
  • Define a Pilot Project
  • Communicate the vision and plan
  • White Belt Certification for employees
  • Kick-off

Stage 2: Pilot Implementation


Develop basic tools to ensure quality and stability through Workshops according to the pilot plan

  • Housekeeping (5 S´s)
  • Visual Management
  • Standardize work

Develop Kaizen Workshops to improve speed and quality

  • Continuous flow (Cells)
  • Quick Preparations (SMED)
  • Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)

Stage 3 Company Deployment


Extend the implementation to the rest of the company

  • E-Lean Design​
  • E-Lean Sales & Marketing
  • E-Lean Manufacturing
  • E-Lean Service
  • E-Lean Accounting
  • E-Lean Maintenance
  • E-Lean Quality
  • E-Lean IT

Need more details?

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