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Japan - Lean Immersion cultural tour

Japan - Lean Immersion cultural tour

Japan - Lean Immersion cultural tour

Objectives of the tour :

1. Learn how to take your organization to the next level of optimization.

2. Build a strong network of LEAN thinkers that will support you through LEAN Caching.

3. Learn  the best practices in LEAN, as well as specific cost - reduction and productivity enhancing ideas.

4. Enjoy a "life changing Immersive experience in one of the world's most beautiful countries".

About the experience :

The Japan LEAN in service immersion tour connects your business with real world solutions and. Implementations of LEAN principles that you can take back to work and implement for tangible positive results

Who should attend :

  • Business owners, executives, senior managers

  • Functional & departmental leaders.

  • Supervisors, engineers leaders.

  • Trainers, LEAN experts, change agents & project leaders.

  • Optimization consultants and organizational experts

Japan - Lean Immersion cultural tour

Learn the best practices developed by LEAN professionals around the world in the Service Industry. Be informed  engaged and inspired by how others have visualized lean  practices that you can implement to reduce waste and improve productivity.

Arrive in Tokyo        : Day 01

Tour sites                 : Day 02 to Day 05

Depart from Tokyo : Day 06

Open to 16 Energized Professionals

Price* : (per person including tax) : 45000 AED

Early Bid : 40000 AED


Tareq Qazi, Msc Engineering Management

E-lean consulting lean immersion cultural tour

In 2021, ECC, a leading contractor in UAE, decided to select a team of construction professionals from different departments to undertake lean six sigma green belt program and lean practitioner program, in order to support with the LEAN journey in ECC. Mr. Subra was appointed as a LEAN expert to give these courses, and i was part of the people who were tutored by Mr. Subra. I can say that Mr. Subra had a profound and soild knowledge when it comes to LEAN theory AND in the same time practice as he worked in leading organisation around the world, and he shared with us his experience which enhanced my capabilities as an individual who is aspiring to become a LEAN leader according to RSS 18404. His areas of knowledge covered organisational excellence and change management as well. He provided an insightful guidance with regards to individual and organisation preparation for ISO 18404

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