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Japan- Lean Immersion Cultural Tour

Immerse yourself into the original Japanese thinking behind lean and its successful application across a range of industries.

Whether you are new to the concept of lean, or searching for that next level of Achievement, you will return home with a better understanding of how lean Can be successfully implemented and sustained within your organization.

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Benefits of the tour

Learn how to take your organization to the next level of optimization 

Build a strong network of Lean thinking that will support you through lean caching

Learn the best practices in lean, as well as specific cost- reduction and productivity enhancing ideas.

Enjoy a "life changing immersive experience in one of the world's most beautiful countries.

About the lean tour

The Lean Japan Tour is a customized guided tour to visit world class lean organizations in Japan. This is an opportunity to explore the factory premises, observe the processes, communicate with lean practitioners and learn from the experts in lean manufacturing. The lean tour comprises a combination of seminars, hands-on training experiences, management discussions and site visits, that have been tailored to develop your lean awareness and capability, and to help you solve your operational challenges.

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Who should attend

Business owners, executive, senior managers Functional

& departmental leaders.

Supervisors, union reps,

informal opinion leaders.

Trainers, lean experts, change

agents & project leaders. Optimization consultants

and organizational experts.

Up-coming Lean Japan Tours

Fee: US$6,750 | 2,4792 AED | 5,59323 INR

Includes accommodation, meals and drinks, train and coach transfers, airport meet & greet, company tours, seminars, hands-on training, sightseeing, interpreters. Does not include airfare, travel insurance and meals on two free evenings and Saturday lunch.

Example industries visited: Automotive, Appliances, Metal Processing, Electronics, Food & Beverage, Government, Healthcare

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Up-coming Lean Japan Tours Date

Lean Japan Tour - March 2023 - Kaizen Study Mission
12 Mar 2023 - 18 Mar 2023

Lean Japan Tour in Spanish - April 2023 - Kaizen Study Mission
2 Apr 2023 - 8 Apr 2023

Lean Japan Tour - July 2023 - Kaizen Study Mission
2 Jul 2023 - 8 Jul 2023

Lean Immersion Cultural Tour Partner

Shinka Management is a global lean consulting company, specializing in the transfer of Japanese management know-how to global industry. Our lean consultants support clients in over 60 countries with lean manufacturing consulting, lean training and lean study tour programs.


Lean Japan Tour Videos

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