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Serious Play


A powerful co-creation method for unlocking the vast potentials with organizations.

LEGO SERIOUS PLAY is a help system created at The Lego Gathering. Starting around 2010 it is accessible under an open source local area based model. Its objective is working on inventive reasoning and correspondence. Individuals work with Lego blocks 3-layered models of their thoughts and recount their models. Subsequently the name "serious play". 

A demonstrated procedure to engage powerful correspondence and goal of issues.
Direct gatherings that are more useful with higher commitment.
Open the imaginative potential and permit 100 percent interest.
An interaction to construct better and go with faster choices.
Utilizes the LEGO blocks to fabricate 3D pictures to make a language and permits everybody to be effectively engaged with the cycle.


Purpose :

  • Identify your purpose, Vision, Mission, Position.

  • Identify your aligned ESG | UNSDG goals

Innovation :

  • Product | Services | Application | Process

  • Ideation and design thinking | Intelligent automation

Strategy :

  • Moonshot | Megatrends | Circular Economy

  • Identify your Long | Medium | Short Strategic Goals.

Experience :

  • Customer |  Product | User

  • Employee Experience


The E-Lean Training Lean Basics – Lego Simulation workshop is aimed at introducing the basic concepts of Lean methodologies and continuous improvement by demonstrating a hands-on practical simulation.

Our workshop provides an overview of Lean methodologies to improve competitive advantage and operational excellence.

These methodologies can help increase the quality of your manufacturing processes, the team interactions and the overall outcome for your organisation.

The E-Lean Training Lean Basics workshop is designed to introduce you to the fundamental methodologies of Lean and Continuous Improvement through a full day Lean Simulation using Lego.

You will learn about core lean concepts including one piece flow, standard work, pull and production levelling. You will be introduced to the principles of “Kaizen” as you make improvements to the Lego process during the course of the day.

The Lego simulation is an excellent way to get to grips with Lean concepts in a practical hands on setting.

Key Learnings:

  • Core Lean Concepts

  • Interactive full day Lean Simulation using Lego

  • Flow, Pull and Levelling

  • Standard Work, Line Balancing and Work Design

  • Using Kaizen to improve the standard

Start your Lean journey today sign up for our Lean Basics course and master the core lean concepts.


Ali Dubaisi, Manager

E-lean shop lego serious play

I was preveleged to take the training of lean six Sigma Green & black belts by Mr Subra. He was very talented and has very strong background and experience, whish made the course very digest able.

Mr. Subra training was robust and coming from hands-on experience which made it very easy for him to explain and discuss.

Thanks Mr Subra for the training and coaching. Wish you a lot of success.

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