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Samar Jammal, MBA
E-lean shop testimonials

Recently had attended a GB and BB six sigma course delivered by Subra.

Subra demonstrates high professional level, he keeps the attendees engaged, provides exercises and demos, he also understands the subject very well which is a crucial point for delivering training, he was also available for clarifications and further explanations when the attendees need. Thank you Subra... looking forward for more training opportunities

Shejin Muraleedharan, Logistics Coordinator
E-lean consulting testimonials

Subra is a great teacher. It was a pleasant journey with an engaging class room experience learning Six Sigma Green and Black Belt. I believe best effective teaching is to ensure that students get plenty of hands on experience and Subra was able to 100% successfully deliver the same.

Talha Khalil, Sr. Production Executive
E-lean shop testimonials

With bundle of gallants it is expressed Subra is a great Mentor & Trainer for Lean Management with vast experience & knowledge in Transformation, Change & Lean Management

Hisham Hawawreh, Construction Manager
E-lean consulting testimonials

I'm delighted to write this recommendation based on my experience with CLSS GB / lean construction.The guidance that Mr. Subra provided through the training sessions have been amazing. His consistent updates, brain storming skills, exercise given during the sessions kept me progressing consistently. The results were amazing.

Santosh Shetty, Engineering Manager
E-lean consuting testimonials

Subra is a wonderful engaging presenter, very easy to listen to. The CLSS GB training course was just the right mix of theory, practical demostration and group exercise. Subra was very honest in his presentation and training on CLSS GB. He made it real by sharing his personal background with the approach. This has more than met my expectations. I can't wait to get back to work and try some of these things out. I will take away lots of things that i will quickly and easily apply. I can highly recommend him as a trainer and coach for introduction to CLSS GB.

Suhanda (Ms.) Omer, LSSMBB
E-lean shop testimonials

I am taking this opportunity to give my personal recommendation to Mr. Subra Vaithin. During the Six Sigma Master Black Belt training, he was extraordinarily talented at connecting with his participants and training in a creative and engaging fashion. He brought with him an extensive background in business excellence and transformation, along with a positive attitude and engaging personality.

Maria Trinidad del Carmen, Villa SSBB
E-lean consulting testimonials

I met Subra when was looking for a trainer about Lean implementation in one of our affiliates (steel factory) as I was focusing in construction field by that time. I chose him to give the training and introduce the lean concept to our factory in Dubai, UAE and it was a success. Then I asked for his training plan for the second batch of Lean Professional in our company, and I chose him again and indeed it was another successful partnership between Subra and our company. He also extended his service on coaching our company on its path towards ISO 18404 certification.

Ali Dubaisi, Manager
E-lean consulting testimonials

I was preveleged to take the training of lean six Sigma Green & black belts by Mr Subra. He was very talented and has very strong background and experience, whish made the course very digest able.

Mr. Subra training was robust and coming from hands-on experience which made it very easy for him to explain and discuss.

Thanks Mr Subra for the training and coaching. Wish you a lot of success.

Tharinda De Silva, Senior Sales Solutions Specialist
E-lean shop testimonials

Subra created a learning environment encouraging to increase knowledge & skills necessary for my leadership journey and management development in Lean thinking. He went above and beyond the course materials of Lean Six Sigma Black Belt to make sure our knowledge is not limited to course materials. Thank you very much, Subra for making learning interesting.

Sumatha Bose, Manager
E-lean shop testimonials

It has been a great opportunity for me to have my Lean SIX Sigma Green Belt training under Subra and started learning and thinking as a professional. With Subra's great ability of teaching along with all his expertise, he made such learning session so comfortable and easy and really appreciate that. I would be in touch with Subra as would require him to grow as an expert with real time application of my learnings in different projects.

Samira Dawleh, Graduate Research Assistant
E-lean consulting testimonials

I've had a very pleasant experience with Mr. Subra during the Lean Construction training, highly appreciated the efforts that were put into the course in addition to the interactive sessions we had.

Many thanks.

Joceejae Buscato, ITIL
E-lean shop testimonials

I am honored to be part of Mr. Subra's class. His knowledge expertise helped me have an in-depth understanding of the Lean Six Sigma process. Thank you for the opportunity!

Tareq Qazi, Msc. Engineering Management
E-lean consulting testimonials

In 2021, ECC, a leading contractor in UAE, decided to select a team of construction professionals from different departments to undertake lean six sigma green belt program and lean practitioner program, in order to support with the LEAN journey in ECC. Mr. Subra was appointed as a LEAN expert to give these courses, and i was part of the people who were tutored by Mr. Subra. I can say that Mr. Subra had a profound and soild knowledge when it comes to LEAN theory AND in the same time practice as he worked in leading organisation around the world, and he shared with us his experience which enhanced my capabilities as an individual who is aspiring to become a LEAN leader according to RSS 18404. His areas of knowledge covered organisational excellence and change management as well. He provided an insightful guidance with regards to individual and organisation preparation for ISO 18404

Aleksandr Gumenyuk, Managing Director
E-lean construction testimonials

I would like to express my gratitude and say thank you to Subra for the opportunity to gain those valuable insights during the CLSS MBB training. It was a very professional and interesting approach with examples of real cases and life situations.

All the sessions were an opportunity to share and exchange experiences with colleagues, to discuss joint solutions to issues and to take part in quizzes.

The knowledge and experience I received from Subra, has already given me the opportunity to apply them in solving difficult situations in my business.

Once again, I would like to thank Subra for the unique opportunity to participate in classes with him.

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